In an act of utter humanity, a small gathering of people set out to determine whether we can re-wire our brains to automatically see our positives rather than our negatives. New research in neuroscience shows that noting 3 good things a day for 21 days does this.

The gathering started a Facebook group called 3 Good Things, and they began noting 3 good things a day. They didn’t merely list things like “the sun was shining,” however. They opened their hearts and posted the events that meant something to them – like getting an unexpected check when it was sorely needed.

After a few weeks, here’s what happened:

“It’s an internal change for me. When something negative happens, I dismiss it and now turn my back on it instead of dwelling on it. I just think of the good things and don’t worry anymore that the negative situation will be around for long.”     (Sue D.)

“I have been feeling more positive. I think on the days when I’ve had to dig deep and really wasn’t feeling it but found 3GT anyway, it took the focus off whatever was going ‘wrong’. And I would keep finding myself coming back to the good things and not spending as much time on the bad stuff, and this is energizing and begins a wonderful upward spiral.” (Lanie M.)

“I’m experiencing confidence and a 90% reduction in anxiety. This is a miraculous turn in my psychological makeup.”     (Susan G.)

It works! Noting 3 good things a day does turn our brains into positive-observing machines.

What does this mean for us as human beings?

It’s an end to negativity’s hold on us – an end to that awful feeling that there’s something wrong with us, that we’re not good enough to create and live our dreams.

And it means something even greater than that. It means we can shift into destiny – not just the purpose for our existence, but destiny itself.

Destiny is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.”

This is what we have been waiting for – a shift into destiny. The ability to use what we’ve learned from every one of the lessons we’ve gone through (even the ugly ones). The opportunity to combine those lessons with the skills we’ve acquired along the way (some painstakingly). The certainty that we’re going to create new, more positive – more loving – ways to “be.”

How do I know this? Because I shifted into destiny after a few months of noting 3 good things a day.

First, I began noticing the good things that were happening to me rather than focusing on what I was worried about.

Next, a new voice began to accompany any negative messages. Whenever I thought I couldn’t do something, the new voice said: “You’ve already accomplished a lot more than that.”

Then, an idea began to grow in me. It was the idea of turning the technique of noting 3 good things a day into apps for the medical community.

My idea came with a challenge. The apps, I knew, needed to match the unbelievably positive energy of the Facebook group that had the courage to apply this new technique to their lives. Was I up to pulling that off?

That’s when destiny made its first big appearance. It jumped in with an ingenious spark – of adding to the apps the knowledge and passion for healing that exists within the heads and hearts of the physicians who have signed on to create these apps with me. Here’s an example:

One of my partners in this app venture is an M.D. with a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology. She has a totally different way of thinking about aging. Even in cases of dementia, she believes, aging with its physical limitations automatically presents opportunities for connection and spiritual growth. New insights like this – which can be executed by noting 3 good things a day – will be part of these apps.

More than just developing apps from neuroscience research, this partnership now has an opportunity to make an original and significant contribution to the field of medicine. It will be my responsibility to pull that off – and I’m going to do it in real time, on this blog. At least once a week, and usually more often, I’ll post updates.

You’ll find out how I found my partners, how I am funding the apps, how I realized that my lessons played a part in the creation of this new opportunity, how I am dealing with the emotions that crop up for me, how I handle obstacles in my way – the whole story.

To begin, I searched for a word that describes how I want this story to turn out. So often, the wishes in our hearts never come to the surface. The reason? Abject negativity: those put-downs, some from years ago. The power of words can help with this. Merely reading the definitions of words allows our wishes to rise up within us.

I chose the word Success. Then, I created a word video (with the use of a dictionary I wrote) to help me claim my wish. Here’s the link to this word video on YouTube. Watch it, and shift into destiny with me.